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Independent thinking with Abbeywood Interiors

When looking for a new kitchen many people are immediately drawn to national retailers or online companies through expensive marketing campaigns, fancy showrooms or big discounts but how many people consider a local independent company?

For unique projects that are tailored to you and your families needs then an independent company should not be overlooked.

Abbeywood Interiors is a proud local business based in Durham, providing a fully managed service for all design and build projects.

We specialise in extensions and renovations, kitchen and bathroom design and deliver all projects from the initial concept to full completion.

As a customer you will benefit from working side by side with an experienced design team and skilled tradesmen with the peace of mind that we have considered every inch of your project.

We are proud of the service we provide to each of our customers after all independent means choice which is why we work with a wide selection of suppliers to provide a comprehensive range of quality products. We aren't led by a single manufacturer which ensures that there are no restrictions when crafting a kitchen tailored to you.

Well designed kitchens stir strong feeling so let Abbeywood open your eyes to what you could achieve with a little bit of independent thinking.

Look over our projects portfolio or take a second to watch an insightful video into why to choose independent.

To discuss your project with us please call our studio on 0191 384 5613 or pop in and speak with one of our design team at Abbeywood Interiors The Avenue Corner, The Avenue, Durham DH1 4ED.

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